National & Regional Presentations

  1. Chandler CJ, Oak MK Fawcett GM.  Ultrasound Evaluation of ovulation.  Paper presented to the North of England Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society 1982.
  2. Oak MK. Recent Advances in Obstetric and Gynaecological Ultrasound Scanning.  Invited to lecture to Obstetrics and Gynaecological and Anaesthetic Symposium, Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot.  November 1984.
  3. Oak MK, EN Chantler, CA Vaughan Williams & Elstein M.  In-Vitro Sperm Survival in Peritoneal Fluid from Women with Endometriosis and from Women with Unexplained Infertility.  Paper presented to The Victor Bonney Society, Chepstow, April 1987.
  4. Oak MK, Vaughan Williams CA & Elstein M.  Pituitary Ovarian Function in Infertile Women with Endometriosis.  Paper presented to The Victor Bonney Society April 1988 Chepstow.
  5. Oak MK.  How to Develop a Clinical Risk Management Strategy.  Invited Lecture to the BJHC Organised Conference on Planning, Building and Developing a More Effective System for Managing Clinical Risk.  The Conference Forum, London, E1.  7 July 1999.
  6. Oak MK. The Key Steps to Identifying and Managing Clinical Risk.  Invited to lecture to the BJHC organised conference on “Next Steps in Planning, Building and Developing Essential Building Blocks to Achieve Clinical Governance”.  The Conference Forum, London, E1.  7 September 1999.
  7. Oak MK. Consent-clinical and legal issues.  Presented to NHS Lanarkshire doctors’ meeting 8 Sep 2013.
  8. Oak MK Being an expert witness.  Presentation to NHS Lanarkshire Maternity Services seminar 25/09/2013.
  9. Oak MK Medical accidents, common mistakes, how they arise and what to look for? Presentation to Clinical Negligence Conference Surgeons Hall Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 9 October 2013.
  10. Oak MK Risk Management in obstetrics.  Presentation to the Fothergill Society meeting December 2014.
  11. Oak MK Chronic pelvic pain presentation at a multidisciplinary meeting on pain Apr 2016.
  12. Oak MK Law and Medicine Presentation to Autumn Conference of Independent Doctors Federation Seville Spain Nov 2016.
  13. Oak MK Superficial dyspareunia, is Fenton’s operation necessary?  Presentation to East London GP meeting at the London Independent Hospital May 2017.

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